Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Strawberries Take Two....

As novice strawberry "farmers", 2 rows of strawberries were planted back in 2010 and had a couple of great years....

Our first 2 rows were planted.
The next year they exploded in growth!  Quickly went from 2 nice rows to a true "patch". 

 Enormous strawberry and tall plants!  We the crop was larger than expected!

My son Jake (at age 4) was eating them straight from the vines but we did manage to make several batches of freezer jam.  My daughter Kylie suggested we just squeeze the berries instead of slice which worked out quite well! 

Freezer jam a huge success!
Everyone enjoyed the freezer jam!  Jeremy even said it tasted just like his Grandmas. (I took that as a nice compliment.) 

It was a bit runny but I thought I'd have plenty of years of practice to find the perfect consistency. 

Well, I was dead wrong, 2012 brought us nothing....besides seeing the plants grow and not produce much any.  After advice from my Uncle Roger and learning about mother plants and their "runners", we are replanting this year!

I've already ordered my berries from Gurney's.  3 varieties some say they are as big as peaches!  So we will see.  We are thinking about going with the raised bed option.  

Anyway, you'll be seeing our progress once spring comes and we can actually be outside.

As of today, the farm has about 2 feet of snow within the last week and 40 mph winds.  We'll take the weatherman's word for it....Too cold to find out!

Advice welcome!  Just comment on this blog post.



  1. Plants are so finicky. I wish you great luck. I know you have had a lot of success in vegetables, even last year when I couldn't even get my zucchinis to grow well. I think with being a farmer, everything is trial and error, what works one year doesn't the next.

  2. Thanks so much Christy! I'm just now seeing your post! Sorry for the delay! All our plants showed up this week and we have a foot of snow. Now what?!!!