Friday, February 15, 2013

Please Bring on Spring

And as the weather tends to yo-yo in mid-February in Missouri,  60° yesterday and now 30° today (actually it's like this year round; you just never know what you are going to get).  But it does get you thinking of Spring when you have warm days in the middle of winter! 

Plus after spending a week cruising the seas and basking the sun, we are all going a bit stir crazy coming back to the cold and winter coats!  And Yes, we cruised with Carnival but we have been back for a few weeks and weren't at drift like the Triumph was. 

My kiddos showing off their souvenirs from Jamaica.  
Jeremy and Grandpa Randy holding up the bar at Red Frog's on the ship.

All the seed magazines are coming in the mail and in my inbox is full of "Free" offers if you place your order now.  That means Spring is on the way, right?

I have been keeping Jeremy busy with home improvements while it's too cold to go to the farm.  I'm sure he loves that!  Hanging crown molding throughout the entire house minus the bedrooms and picking out paint colors.  Talking about bathroom renovations and trim upgrades; I'm sure Jeremy is ready for Spring as well!

SEND SPRING SOON!  Here's a glimpse of what's to come!

Fishing....I know, it's a whopper of fish. 
Garden Harvests
Roadside stands
 Zip Line Fun
And best yet....Family Fun! 
So if you see Spring, send it our way!   We are all tired of hibernation mode.  Lots more fun when the weather is warm! 


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