Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducing Our Deer Stand

When someone says they are sitting in the deer stand, most people would picture a stand stuck high up in a tree somewhere in the woods.

What would you think about deer stand with wood burning stove, picture windows, satellite TV, a full kitchen and seating for 20?  And don't forget being dry and warm!  You want one, right?  Well, that's exactly what we have! 

Here's how it got it's name: 
The first deer season up at the farm, my dad (aka Grandpa Randy) needed a place to keep warm and he is not the typical cookie cutter deer hunter (more of the watching not the shooting kind of hunter).  This got him thinking about what we can build and decided to enclose a section of the old barn and name it his deer stand.  Remember, this barn use to be a cow house....
Barn before deer stand was born

 "The Deer Stand" to us means a place for friends and family to gather, talk and eat. Many many nights have been spent around that table. It's also a place not to worry if there is a spill and just a comfortable place to hang. Even the dogs love the Deer Stand.

Here's part of the crew:  Left to Right (Chris, Grandpa Randy, Me holding my son that is now 5 years old, and in yellow plaid Uncle Bob)
There's Chris again and Danny
Again from L to R, Uncle Ralph supervising, Danny, my husband Jeremy, Hippy and Grandpa Randy

It has been through many transformations from cow dirt to gravel to concrete floor.  I will be posting each of those improvements in the next few posts, stay tuned.  And I'm sure that there will always be little improvements that we'll make but isn't that part of the fun?   

And don't forget it is a deer stand...There are plenty of deer being seen right from the warmth of the our deer stand just outside the window.

That's all for now...Hope you enjoy our farm as much as we do as you sit at your computer.


  1. Amanda that looks like the perfect deer far complete is it more pictures please.

  2. Hey thanks! Pretty much complete. There are so many stories and pictures to get everyone caught up to what the farms all about! You'll be seeing more very soon! Thanks for reading.