Sunday, December 9, 2012

Deer Stand Improvements Part 2

Now you have to remember that it use to look like this....

Once we got the exterior painted, it was time to start on the inside!  It was sure neat to see a roughed in enclosure come to feel like a real cozy gathering place. 

Rough-in painting came the weekend before the concrete.

Hippy and Grandpa Randy supervising while Uncle Bob paints the upper half of the Deer Stand.  
First we had to unload all the crap that's in there....and this is just a small portion of it! That's my daughter, Megan on the right and my neighbor (adopted daughter) Abbie.  Somehow all that stuff is essential to every day deer stand living. 
The big weekend finally came, it was time to get concrete!  It's been long waited but for some crazy reason rock is really expensive up there.  Concrete day was so exciting.  Jake was very eager! 

 Sure was a cold morning when even the old kitchen sink froze up.  

Ryan AKA Rhino, Hippy, Jeremy and Larry
 Concrete truck backed up to the window to pour the concrete in.

 Jeremy learned how to float the concrete and very well I must say.  And my cousin, Ryan aka Rhino did too.  Both excellent jobs and both said they wouldn't probably do that again. 
 Looks so good and everyone stayed off the wet concrete except for.....

my sweetest, gracefullest daughter, Kylie.  She fell right into the wet concrete just outside the door.  We fixed it and all was well but I would expect nothing less from my graceful Kylie.

It's truly a group effort when there are projects that need to be done and everyone pitches in.  As Framma (my grandma) use to say, "Many hands make light work". 


And now that's what you call a Deer Stand!  


And baby Levi really enjoys the concrete and so thankful not to be crawling around in gravel!
Hope you enjoyed the latest of the Deer Stand Improvements.  Stay tuned for the next 2 parts coming soon! 


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