Sunday, December 2, 2012

Deer Stand Improvements Part 1

Every weekend has projects whether they are planned or spur of the moment. It wouldn't be a weekend without projects/chores.  You have to remember, we aren't just down the street from a Lowes or Home Depot.  We have to be resourceful of the cast outs and leftovers that are laying around to get our projects done.  You also have to realize we want to be as frugal as possible. And that's when your creativity kicks in!

Deer Stand improvements are no exception! 

I found these cabinets in my neighborhood.  Set out to the curb and had FREE spray painted on the back of them.  Of course, I called Jeremy (my hubby) to come with the truck.  No luck, he was too busy at work to come.  I knew those cabinets wouldn't be there long so I loaded up one cabinet at time into my Expedition and carted them home.  Just what we needed for our deer stand.  Out with the old camp sink (back breaker to do dishes) and in with a regulation height sink and faucet. Whoohoo (I know it's sad that we were happy to do dishes)! 

So we were in the market for a ceiling fan up at the farm.  So I like to garage sale.  I feel like I make good buys and don't buy other peoples junk.  I've done pretty good in the past.  Well, you can imagine all good garage salers mess up every once in a while.  I was so excited that I found a new fan in the box, all wrapped up with the blades even still in the packaging.  $ wasn't the most modern ceiling fan but who cares!  It's only the farm and for $10, I'll make it work.  Grandpa Randy was tasked with putting up the fan one weekend while we were stuck in the town.  He had it hung and was ready for the motor install...and guess what..I bought a fan without a motor!  Who does that?  I guess I should have been more diligent as a shopper but Grandpa Randy managed to make use the light kit for our new chandelier in the deer stand.  Everyone attaches a light kit from a ceiling fan to a bird house, right?!

Once anyone knows you take old junk, you will get way more than we'll ever use.  We get lots of stuff some good and some not so good.  We ended up with some leftover paint from who knows where but after mixing several leftovers, a new custom color comes alive! 
Chipboard yellow was the color of the exterior for quite some time.  Well, it was time to paint it.   

From L to R:  Grandpa Randy, Me, Aunt Ann, Uncle Bob and Jeremy

Amazing how cute it can turn out when some trim is added and 1 can of red spray paint!  

Hope you like seeing our Deer Stand evolve into our gathering space!  Stay tuned for more improvements! 


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