Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Thoughts...

Here's a few thoughts for the day....

1.  I can no longer sing the 12 days of Christmas after hearing 12 days of Farming over and over and over.

2.  Blake Shelton Christmas CD is my new favorite CD and I can't get enough of "Oklahoma Christmas" (even got the kids singing it).

3.  Think I finally got my house back in least you can see the floor.  

4.  It's sure cold in Missouri and we're not getting any snow.... 

5.  Trying to decide what new recipe to make for breakfast this weekend at the farm.

6.  Put out my new bird house at home and waiting patiently for birds to come. 

Merry Christmas from the Harris Family!
So long for now...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Farming

In the spirit of Christmas, my daughter Kylie inspired the making of our new (and only) song, "Twelve Days of Farming".  After a few sessions in the song writing mode, the song evolved. 

And here it is....


Stay tuned for the outtakes coming soon!  

Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deer Stand Improvements Part #4 and Outhouse

Well, I think we are wrapping up our Deer Stand Improvement series.  It is now up to "real time" as it stands today.  That, of course, doesn't mean that the improvement posts will end.  There are lofty ideas that usually come late at night while re-hydrating from a long days work.   I have heard mention of a look-out tower, more windows, bunk beds, retractable roof and the list goes on. 

The last big (most recent) project was the addition of a closet this fall.  When we have a crowd (which is often), we needed an overflow space for coats and extra junk...ok mostly junk.  The addition idea came straight from our friend, Hippy.

Here's a quick snapshot of the expansion:

1st, use the garden tiller to break up the rock that was just put there a few months before.
Standard equipment used in construction, right?
2nd, find a very useful (and cute) two year old to help set the foundation and back fill. 

3rd, measure out the dimensions so you'll have enough wood and not have to make a trek back to the big city for more...(that part of the plan didn't work well...still ran out but found piece parts laying around to patch together)
4th, put some walls up.
See...I'm helping...(Probably what threw off the wood to addition ratio).


5th, add chip board as siding...then stand up there like you are king of the mountain. 
 And paint...

6th, prep and cut out door (I guess this step came before the chip board otherwise you wouldn't have been able to get in to cut).  Not really sure but anyway it's cut out.  Now remember my post about the old outhouse?  Here the other half being purposed out. 

The deconstruction starts...
Mock it up to see how it's all going to work.
 Time for a hole to be cut! 
 We have light!  

As I understand the outhouse story...

About 39 years ago, the old outhouse made it's commute to this farm in 1973 from a neighbor down the road.  Larry & Margaret (Larry grew up on this farm) wanted the outhouse for use down by the river and by a trailer they had down there at one time.  The previous owners of the outhouse offered to deliver it with a tractor with an end loader.  The outhouse did manage to fall off the tractor making the turn into the field but no apparent damage.  I'm sure he was regretting the offer to deliver.  Another passerby even offered to purchase the outhouse on it's commute to it's resting place.  Larry turned him down; he just needed an out house and refused the offer.  We tore it down and told Larry & Margaret that it would be popping back up one day.  And it sure did! 

One little fact that I was unaware of is that every Spring (or so) people cleaned out their outhouse and some even wallpapered it! I was shocked to see that there was wallpaper inside an outhouse!

I think Larry and Margaret are proud of what we have done with the farm and can't wait to see what else we have up our sleeve.  I really love all the old stories that come from Larry & Margaret.  They both have huge hearts and we enjoy seeing them as they come by to visit often.     

 Dogs love it....

People love it...

Some of us...are just tired from working on it....

Well..that's all for now....


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer Stand Improvments Part 3

Well, converting an old barn into "live-able" space can be tricky.  There are certain maintenance items that need to get taken care of.  Leaky holes in the tin ceiling, gaps in the boards on the walls, no gutters to keep rain off the windows, mice proofing, wiring, plumbing, and the list goes on and on.  Here are a few of the remedies.  May not be the most beautiful but it gets the job done!      

#1 Project:  Weather proofing

With the old siding, there were several inches in gaps that needed to be sealed up.  Solution was to stripe it.  Add more wood the existing to seal it up.  Here is what it turned out like. 

Grandpa Randy & Uncle Ralph slaving away!

There are always kids (and dogs) underfoot at the farm and wouldn't want it any other way.  Makes me smile when they create from what's laying around.  Kylie's showing off her shotgun shell vase with clover in it. 

#2 Project:  Window Awnings

Built from some metal left over from building the Ranch House (you'll be seeing posts on that soon) and awning supports from the old camper. 

#3 Project:  Lean-to

Sems like with any amount of space you have you always need more.  Here's the addition of a lean-to built on the back of the deer stand.   

Now that's what the lean-to was built for!  Of course...hanging deer out! 

Thanks for following our posts from the evolution of our Deer Stand.  Did you miss the last 2 post?  Here is is links:  Introducing, Part 1, Part 2
The 4th is coming soon....
Happy farming,