Friday, November 9, 2012

Beginning of Deer Camp....Run Deer, Run!

Well it's November in Missouri and that means everyone has been talking about deer season for quite some time.  All the preparations have been made; wood cut and split, guns sighted in, deer stands either new or old have been tweaked to just the right angle, and branches have been trimmed for correct line of sight.  Don't forget the amount of gear and licenses that needed to be purchased!

What does all this mean to me... as a non-hunter, here is my top 5 favorite things...
  1. Chili is probably on the menu and I love chili
  2. Love hearing all the excuses of why they didn't get that "big" deer.  My favorite is, "The Deer DUCKED"! 
  3. The excitement from everyone at the farm when they hear shots and speculate who shot and if they actually got one. 
  4. Actual time of getting out to hunt in the morning Vs. the projected time (I'm sure how many beers consumed has a direct impact on that)
  5. The ride home from the country watching how all the hunters prop their deers up in their truck so others can see their big kill.

My idea of hunting would be shooting a cow in the meadow for some good steak!

So long for now, Happy Hunting!  


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