Monday, November 19, 2012

Abandoned Old Outhouse

What would you do with an old outhouse? 

We had one, just sitting abandoned tucked in the woods just off the corn field. It's been sitting unused for many years.  Packed full of garbage, old cast outs from years past, a few mice, and a boot filled with cement (still trying to figure out what that was for). 

In March, I talked my hubby and dad into taking it down.  Wasn't exactly what we were going to do with it quite yet but my mind was spinning with possibilities.   I fell in love with the color. It's a old well weathered blue-ish teal color. I figured we could use some of the side boards to make a book shelf or something. 

After the de-construction of the outhouse, we came up with an idea.  Using the back side of the outhouse a wood stove surround evolves!  Come on, use your imagination!  It's perfect! 

Debugging, some measuring, extra gentle cutting, and some imagination a stove surround was created.  We used a regulation metal backing board, it's "brick".  We covered over with some scrap metal that was laying in a scrap pile.  Keeps the heat off the walls and discussion piece all in one! 

Stay tuned for where the other half of the outhouse shows up and the story of the old outhouse too!  It's pretty cool! 

That's all for now,

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